Monday, September 15, 2008

Stop the Blame Game

Self-harm, suicide, etc. are neither confined within the boundaries of any particular sex, race, religion nor teachings of any of the above groups. Yet, we have been putting up with the evil of suicide. To be precise and specific, Australia is a fairly affluent society. We do have many research, analysis, support mechanisms and early warning systems to combat this disease.
Yet, far too many young peoples are committing suicide in many ways. Sadly, a bad number of older peoples are murdering their own children, partners and then themselves. Who should be blamed for these tragedies? The drinking water system, religion, social justice, political parties or educational system?

In light of the London Suicide attacks and "Mossad" inspired Lakamba bookshop incident - it is fair and proper to say, "let's try to understand these problems so that we can genuinely make a few attempts to address them rather than pointing finger at each other.
However, Murdochian media and Sydney's hate machine radio 2GB have been inciting against Aboriginals, migrants, Arabs and Muslims for a long time. They have been doing so without any rights of reply as well as based on not true, untrue or even false premises. Their incitements and vilifications appear to be deliberate and calculated to cause injury to a target group of their selection.
Therefore it should be pointed out that, historically, Jews used to launch suicide terrorist attacks against the Romans. The second Muslim Caliph Omar was the victim of non-Muslim suicide terrorist attackers. Modern day terrorism was introduced in the Middle East by the Jews and since then Israeli/Zionist terrorism appearing and affecting in many places in many formats. Surely, sometime their victims are hitting back and getting reported in a magnifying scale. Attack of those kinds got nothing to do with religion and they may have a lot to do with politics or any other underlying causes.
Ironically, most of the effective and deadly suicide terrorist attacks were committed by the non-religious groups or secular groups like the Tamil Tigers, Etc.! One President and a Prime Minister are in their victims list. Certainly, they were not from Hindu, Muslim or Christian groups. Therefore a fair and proper analysis of the above subject is a must rather than deliberate Muslim bashings. Because, people will find out the real truth and those leaders who are pretending to lead us without listening to us, and they will be exposed along with their `plan' to protect us by locking us up inside.